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Phantomas Place

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Points I live by:
I always try to do my best.
Failing is part of the process.
You can't please everyone.
I must learn to choose my battles wisely.

I'm an illustrator (but haven't worked professionally as such in a while), part-time PhD student in Film and Television Studies, academically-inclined. I write and draw.

Shows I watched/watch : The Professionals, Starsky & Hutch, Muncle, Alias Smith & Jones, Laramie, The Young Riders, Magnificent 7, Lonesome Dove The Series and The Outlaw Years, Star Trek (TOS, NG more than the others), Once a Thief, Highlander, Buffy, Angel, Firefly, SG1 (very little Atlantis), OZ, Lost, Supernatural, X-Files, Harsh Realm, Wolf Lake, Strange Luck, Harry Potter films/books, Sharpe, LotR, Queer as Folk (US), Queer as Folk (UK), NCIS, Medium. This is what comes to mind right now. The Boondock Saints! Oh, Life on Mars. Torchwood, and I like me some Doctor Who. Dexter! Burn Notice. Life (Oh Charlie). Kyle XY.
Several others, the list would be too long.(favourites in italics)

Fandoms I've been actively involved in: HL (several years ago, Clan Denial Founding Member), The Professionals. Since I came on LJ, I've been browsing on the edges of many fandoms, but never got involved with any in particular until now. I found Supernatural now.

Maintainer of:

maintainer of:
Winchesters in Space! The community welcomes SPN scifi AUs and SPN crossovers with scifi series.

co-maintainer of:
The community hosts rare pairings only fanfiction.

and co-maintainer of:

I had this tiny idea and THANKS TO thirdsouthobbi's enthusiasm and deathisyourart, it turned into this:

Show the cast and crew of Supernatural your support and send a postcard!
info at spn_postcards

I adopted the funniest Nick from
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made by art_of_mayhem
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Redemption: a John Winchester fanlisting
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I Have a Heart: a Denny & Izzie fanlisting
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I've been lying in this bed for close to a year, and I've had a lot of
time to look back on my life. And the things that I remember best,
those are the things I wasn't supposed to do and I did them anyway. The
thing is, life is too damn short to be following these rules.

Denny Duquette (Jeffrey Dean Morgan)in Grey's Anatomy